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Meet Clark

Clark Johnson attended middle and high school in South Hadley.  He subsequently attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst

Lives, Works, And Volunteers In the District


I am off the State Rep primary ballot due to a clerical error in my Nomination Papers.  I have spent more than a week talking with lawyers about possible recourse, and have concluded there will be none. I may consider a run for something else in the future. - CJ (May 28, 2018)



In this perilous moment, we must maintain liberal values and norms – many of them under assault. This is everywhere the backdrop for the 2018 election. In Massachusetts, we must also demonstrate that the government can help to meet critical needs and adapt to demographic and other changes – all while encouraging commercial investment and job growth. We must rethink and refocus spending and regulatory priorities in health care, in all levels of education, and elsewhere. The stakes will be high. John Hine has worked in South Hadley town government for over 30 years — and he has demonstrated a grasp of issues, suitable temperament, and success in coalition-building. I know that we share priorities and expectations for state government. (July 10, 2018)

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"...there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it.” (John F. Kennedy, 27 April 1961)

About The Issues

We want to increase opportunity for everyone in Massachusetts and in the 2nd Hampshire District.  Economic, technological, and demographic changes have left parts of our community behind and alienated.  But, short of destroying machines, closing our borders to people and commerce, and standing aside while our population ages and shrinks – we have to embrace and prepare for the world as it evolves and is reinvented.  We need to provide access to lifelong training and education, affordable medical care, practical transportation, and a livable environment.  And to further these goals, we need to provide the educated population, the infrastructure, and day-to-day incentives that will make others want to come here to live and to conduct business.

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